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Staying Motivated is desire of everyone. At times it becomes tough and leads to depression. How can you Stay motivated when you are running bad luck, you lost your job,  car met with an accident, your child has failed in 12th standard and your health goes down?

Remember Motivation is not magic trick and it is not in Blue little Pill. It comes by designing life and Day. All top motivational Speakers, Authors & Trainer have found those tricks so they share with you to shape your Life to keep you stay Motivated. I have observed top successful, high achieving people and my own career as motivational trainer, i have come with list of five things which will keep you highly motivated.


Visualize Your Goal: Our mind works in images. Images are goal in mind. Mind gets diverted towards each image present in it. So, Make image of Goal and visualize it. Visualization  makes Reel in mind. See it, Hear it and feel it. Feel when you accomplish how do feel. This is best way to stay motivated and achieve Goal. 



Motive of Goal:  You are surrounded by millions of distractions so we need to Make Goal of Goal. I mean to say you should have purpose to achieve Goal. I would like to elaborate with an example: Salman wants to earn 1 crore rupees in one year. He will buy a house and luxury car after he earns money. So now earning one crore is Goal of Salman and Buying House and Car are purpose of accomplishing goal. List your purpose of goal and visualize them as you have attained. In this way you can stay motivated and achieve goal. Stay Motivated & Achieve Goal



Break Goal into pieces: Motivation comes after achievement. So you should break your Goal into small pieces. First Piece should be easy because when you accomplish first Goal, it motivates you  to work for 2nd piece of Goal. Let’s take example of cricket match, if in first over good runs are made, both Batsman start second over more confidently and enthusiastically.  So break your Goal into Small pieces. Each Piece works as stepping stone.



Have a strategy, but be prepared to change course: Strong Strategy brings faith in Goal. Give time to yourself to make strategy and have faith in it as it will bring your own faith in yourself and Your Goal but you should be mentally prepared to change course of strategy. Biggest cause of being looser is giving up on the way. You should always have another plan ready if one strategy fails. 




Choose your surrounding or company: People you are surrounded by matters a lot. Your friends criticize you or your plan ten times, you get disheartened and in case they admire your plan, you feel encouraged and motivated. Stay with Positive people even you can start reading Biography of Successful people. Every word you hear and read influences your mind in same way.




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