You are asked what you want interviewer to ask you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seems impossible na!!!!!!!!!

I am coming to change this “impossible” into I m “POSSIBLE”


Students are always afraid of interviews. They have always heard that interviews are hard and question over question process is there. I simply make them calm & composed and tell them crazy ideas to sit in an interview through youthful ideas.

My magical talk will definitely create magic on student mind to make miracle happen. They will surely start saying we will “Rock in Interview” room after having my training attended.

I have attended 4hr. and 30min. invigorating workshop on interview by Pankaj Sir. This was I hope first class of my life I attended attentively and didn’t feel even once to leave every word was important and entertaining. He enchants all who are listening to him.. 800 students kept sitting as they were watching romantic movie. I was not knowing anything about interview and was very nervous also but after workshop I was confident and fortunately I knew all question and answer. I was C.SE final year student that time and next day I was supposed to sit for an interview and I cleared first interview on my life and got job. The credit goes to Pankaj Sir and my college too to intive Pankaj Sir.

Ravi Pandey
Sr. manager at TCS
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