7 tips to control anger


Dear Reader,

Being on travel most of time I see people carrying angry face everywhere, I hear people shouting at one another and I sometimes witness their fights. This all happens because of anger. Anger causes Divorce. It makes two brothers enemies. Anger even produces Murderer, Rapist and acid thrower. It is very important to learn how control Anger. 

Anger is most dangerous and fatal disease. We go to hospital in case of every other disease but no medicine for Anger. Look back in past and get what all you have lost because of anger. We sometimes think I wish I had not got angry.

I have got number of E-mails requesting me to write something motivating and Most of people have written me to write on how to control anger. 


  I am sharing some tips to control anger


  1. Reply after 24 hours: never give reply in anger. You don’t reply in anger but your anger does. Your anger is heat and heat burns. So give 24 hours to heat to cool down.
  2. Drink at least one glass of water: We all know that water can douse fire. Anger is also fire and heat so water will douse it. Water does miracle but if taken one complete glass in 20 sip. Regular water in every half an hour doesn’t let you to be angry.
  3. 20 long breathe daily : 20 long exhale and inhale help the most. One complete breathe should be of 3 seconds. Breathe is air and you know air blow and dim fire. 20 long breathe in morning and evening keep you calm and cool entire day.  
  4. Start regular exercise: anger can be the result of excess energy stored in body coming out in shape of anger. Light exercise in morning could be just a brisk walk of 20 minute. 
  5. Use imagery: Although no one wants to get angry yet everyone gets angry. All want to experience relaxed life so visualize relaxing experience. Close your eyes very tight so light goes off and see yourself getting relaxed. Visualize as you want to see yourself life happy and energetic.http://food.ndtv.com/health/how-to-control-anger-7-tips-to-stay-as-calm-as-the-buddha-1413848
  6. Repeat Relax: Slowly repeat RELAX or CALM word in anger. With Each repeated word you should breathe.
  7. Spend time with family: 30 minutes quality time(without Phone, T.V. and Etc.) with family  everyday lessen down anger.


 I wish my tips how to control anger will help you all.  Above 7 tips about how  to Control Anger will change you, your life and the way you live your life.

I am encouraged to write more by your comments.  

I write for you and you should share it for your friends. Sharing is caring.

  • Diksha
    Posted at 12:16h, 22 January

    Nice methods to control anger…… Somehow apology can be remedy for anger… As anger is part of emotions of human which cannot be vanish

  • Dr.Rahul Gadhojiya
    Posted at 12:29h, 22 January

    First time I read your blog and I find it truly beneficial in many aspect of life ………
    Your are providing great solutions for many problems ………
    Keep it up.

  • Sunit Khurana
    Posted at 07:35h, 27 January

    Its really helpful to control the anger. Its really works when somebody wants to control.

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