Do What Few Do or No One Does


If you want to earn Fame and money , You have to do what no one has done.  

I go around the country and find people taking advice for buying cars, discussing house material and many more. I also took advice for house’s drawing from more than 10 people. They all told me 99% same and articulated this is in trend; most of houses in their vicinity got the same drawing. In case of car also this is the same thing most of Indian got car of Maruti Company. Since Swift ,Ritz,Baleno and Ciaz have been launched they have started conquering Indian roads not because they are good  but they are with more people so more are buying.  

I believe if we all start doing the same what others are doing or start owning the same what most of the people have it makes you ordinary.

You are just becoming part of ‘Rat Race’. Most of us say, “Society is bad, people are bad.” SO SIMPLE WAY TO BE DIFFERENT IS TO BE GOOD.  Don’t go on path which is made up others. 

Make your own path yourself.

Do what few do or do what no one does. Be first to do different.

  “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”

Manjhi ,The Moutain man did what no one does so Bollywood made movie on him. He alone made a road through mountain by cutting mountains.

Ritesh Aggarwal, Man behind OYO rooms, He started OYO rooms all with new thoughts which few can do only. So he has come as cover page of business Magazine.

Many more examples are there like Mahender singh Dhoni, Akshay Kumar , Our former President Dr. APJ Ambul Kalam and many more.

You are Unique.  You can’t be someone else. You can’t be Pankaj Asija. Be yourself and do what comes in your mind. Every innovation was a different Idea. You would not have got mobile phone if inventor had not thought something different.  Every new thing is thought of some one.

People starting calling you insane when you start doing something out of the way. You better count on yourself. Let people say anything. 


“You’re incredibly, absolutely, extremely, supremely, unbelievably different.”

“May you live every day of your life differently!”

Help me helping people to be different by sharing it to your friends. 

Pankaj Asija

Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Success & Life Coach

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