Life’s Vitamin

Life’s Vitamin, name describes everything about book. Asproper diet of food vitamin is mandatory. Book tells some hidden truth to makelife bright. It tells ‘failure’ isessential in life, ‘Fear’ leads to success, ‘Criticism’ is the best you everget from people and much more.  We must know inevitable Vitamin of life. Thesevitamins keep one vivacious. They give worth to each day. One needs to knowthose vitamins so he/she can take proper diet of Life’s Vitamin too. They keepone happy, cheerful & victorious. They change the attitude of person. This book has been specially improvised forthose individuals who want to achieve something unique and want to make newpath for success for others  but they nipin the bud because of their past failure ,present’s situation or future’s fear.

About the Author

Pankaj Asija comes from middle class family in Haryana. Smart, suave and charismatic, Pankaj Asija is endowed with penetrative mind, amazing spontaneity and clarity of thoughts. He is free lancer Speaker & trainer by profession. He loves to train people. He brings positive changes in people. His educational events have benefitted many and corporate events have accelerated companys performance. He started working in 11th class to make education expenses meet. During 12th he joined call center and soon he turned into English & communication skills trainer. He got youngest trainer award when he was 19, by that time he had founded PSEL an institute for English Speaking, Communication Skills, Interviews and Personality Development. PSEL has bagged many achievements in its lap. He himself also gives training at PSEL.

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