“Selfishness helps to Grow in Life & Business” so be but without annoying others

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I hope you all doing well in your life. Therefore we can always make something better also. You all know I (Your Pankaj Asija) always come with stupid ideas and sometimes it makes me think of being beaten by you all. Do you think being selfish makes you selfless if being smart selfish?  Does selfishness make you able to achieve your goal?

All of you are cognizant that in business it is essential to be selfish.  That’s why  I share 3 lessons which I have learnt in my life which helped me to be smart selfish.  You have to hold “Me-First” thinking, especially when it comes to accomplishing your goals in life or business.

Self defense is not crime all through the world. Being Selfish is just like to have self defense. Why is it treated as crime?  How do you treat best with yourself without upsetting others like say mother, wife and all? Here are some tactics to get you ahead.

  1. Define what’s most important to you.If you are like most people, you probably have a list a mile long of things that need to get done. But how can you do it all?Chances are you can’t. Yet with a conscious effort, you can get what is ultimately most important to you done. And won’t that make your life a whole lot more fun? Plus, when you are happy, those around you are most likely happier too.

All goals are valid and can be as diverse as “staying healthy” to “spending time with my children” to “making that business deadline” or”following up from yesterday’s meeting.” All of these are  important but identify what is most importantto you and you alone.

  1. Integrate your goals with others when possible.Thinking about putting yourself first doesn’t mean you ignore the goals or needs of others. Rather, you can view others’goals and see how they fit with your direction. This allows you to support others while still focusing on what is important to you. For example, if you want to take a walk during lunch to support your goal of greater health and someone needs to talk to you, simply invite them along to walk with you. (I got that tip when I heard Nilofer Merchant speak at the TED Conference earlier this year.) They get heard and you get your exercise — a true win-win.

3.Use your productive time effectively. How else can you get more done toward what is important to you?Identify your most productive time of day. We all know we are more productive at certain points of the day than others. Use that most productive time to move what is important to you forward. Protect your most productive time by limiting interruptions if you can, by not scheduling meetings during this time, and by giving yourself the benefit of true focus dedicated to your efforts. Turn off your email chime. Close any social media distractions. For at least 15 minute sat a time, honor yourself with focus on moving your most important goal forward.

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