“My own love story”

Love can make life better. It just depends how you take it.

It may be surprising for you that i am sharing my love story but I am very sure that it would change your life. I would like to make request that don’t start reading if you can’t read till end.

I love “YOU”:-   I agree “YOU “is an obsolete name but don’tforget this has been on top always in my life. As soon as “YOU” pop into my mind those all beautiful faces start comingin my “IMAGINARY LAND .

You have been with me since my 7th class but I have never told anyone about you becauseof fear but today I am sharing our all beautiful moments spent with you.

I LOVE YOU andtelling it publicly. Today I am not afraid. I can say 100 times “I love you”

YOU met me in my 7thclass when I changed my school. I can say the time I went to EMinet School ofmy town. You met me same day when I was coming back after my admission test inschool. I remember that gloomy day had snatched my felicity and left my facewith no hope and I was in deep sorrow having long face walking like tinker& forlorn. Your sight threw at me and you run to me. Your first touchbrought smile on my face right after touch you condoled me and persuaded me toendeavor once again for same school. You made me ready and told me to deploy my“PEN” in the way Army deploys “GUN”. I enthusiastically came to you and youpropelled me to school I was rejected in. I and my elder sister went to schoolbut there was one more person who was not present to my Sister but to me. Youpassed that captivating smile and wished me good luck. You are the one who gotadmission to most weak student in well reputed school. You are the one who toldme on the way to school “don’t worry” i aptly sounded sad and asked you, “WillI get admission in this school?” as I belong to poor family, bad school andalready rejected in same school. You said “you will surely get” because I amwith you but one condition is there you will never leave me all through yourlife. I gave you same commitment. I got admission somehow and Next day meansWednesday I went to new school with little fear in mind whether I would be ablecope up in new environment, lavish atmosphere where all students were wellattired in light coffee color shirt and dark coffee color pants with darkcoffee color tie but I was not in uniform even having oily hair, wearingobsolete pants and tucked in & buttoned up collors. Everyone started givingstrange look at me as soon as I entered into classroom where 12 students were sitting8 girls and 4 boys and 13th student I was.

First period started after sometime and my English teacherMr. Bhyana came to take our class.  “Hey newstudent, stand up and sit with SURBHI ( most intelligent girl of class),” sirsaid.  Surbhi started teaching me aboutpassive voice but I was notorious child so was not paying attention to her andmaking “TIK TIK” sound with “STICK EASY”pen. Mr. Bhyana gave me tight slap all of sudden and shouted at me for makingnoise. I got that much angry that even I can’t tell you and even cursing himinside.  On the way back home you againsaw me gloomy and came to me with rose flower and I told you ins and out innutshell.  You hugged me and sat on bicycle rode and all through theway you just kept cheering me up.  Howthe way passed I didn’t get know. It passed like wind.   Istill remember when my mother & sister would have siesta in meantime youwould teach me. It was very difficult to conforn with those intelligent guysand I passed my 7th as a weak student. I was amazed to see my own8th class result in newspaper and it was all just because you. You taught meright from wrong and made me believe on myself. You are the one who showed mepath when I was not competent (able) to get admission in PMT after 12th.  Everyone in family (mother, sister and allother relatives) was against me but you hold my hand and ensured me that youwere with me.

I sometimes think, “ is my life Possible Without You” and I find a big “NO”.

you have been with me since my school days but I haven’ttold anyone I always thought if I tell someone and he/she snatches you from meor doesn’t let me be with you or create some other problem. But today I feelour relationship has crossed all limits and I believe no one in the world candetach you from me. I am because you whatever I am.

You also came back with me when I came to Haryana back andstarted PSEL. AN ACADEMY :- FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING, PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT,COMMUNICATION SKILLS AND INTERVIEWS IN HISSAR. You are the one who gave me moral support when I was in dilemma andreluctant to start PSEL.

PSEL started from a small town Barwala and shifted to hissarin may 2007. I remember you spent many days and night with me in those rainydays when I didn’t have money to eat but you fed me all the time and youmanaged money too. I have one complaint to you that you never allowed me totalk with Girls. First time when I realized my love for you, you said I willalways be there with you in hard times and you are but in my ecstatic time youare not there with me so I miss you. I always want you to be with me.  and now I have

“Ab tak meri khanai ko read karke kuch thak gye hoge, kuchbore ho gye hoge , kuch ko muj par gussa aa rha hoga and kuch bhut jyadacurious hoge nam janne ko.”

I will surely tell you the name but I even I would like toshare her with everyone (guys be positive please) but you need to take care ofher and believe me “ASHA” will neverlet you down as it never let me down and always inspired me to do somethingdifferent.   This hope (ASHA) for better which gets useverything in our life.

If you have “ASHA”with you I am sure life would be very easy going.

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