“How to crack Interview for B-School”


How to crack admission interview for MBA College (B-School)

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I have seen so many students tensed about their college’s interview if they seeking admission in Good B-school or in any professional college. Today I am going to make interview easiest task for you.

You are selected or rejected is decided in first 2 to 5 min. Later on they check themselves if they have taken right decision.  50% mind make up to select you is made as soon as you enter the door. It all depends on your Presentation, how you carry yourself, your Gesture and Posture.


The way you dress up depicts your Attitude. What you want to become in future how you want to look that time you need to look same in an interview. See it is very simple generally we make our opinion about others through their clothes. Remember you are not supposed to be flamboyant. And most important thing is comforts.

College interviews don’t require your “Resume” but if you want to carry it, you may even some colleges ask for Resume. Remember few points while “Resume Building” Prepare your resume concise, articulate anecdotes to illustrate what you have learned in each experience you’ve listed.

You should highlight what you have achieved and skills you used- and you want to keep them using in college to make your dreams meet.

What if an interviewer asks same questions what you him to ask!!!!!!!!!!!!

so develop a Personal elevator pitch- a 30-second to one-minute summary of your academic career, your interests and what you did outside school – and correlate that to your specialization you want to go for. I tell you concise format which will create question for interviewer.

(My name is Rohan. It suits me. (They may ask meaning and how does it suit). I am from Delhi but living at Chandigarh. I did my schooling from hometown and B.COM  from D.A.V.College Chandigarh. My father is businessman and I have learnt a lot from him.(What have you learnt?) My mother is home maker and I have been inspired by her. (How have you been inspired or what inspiration have you taken from her?)We are three siblings and I am eldest one. I love spending time with computers, knowing amazing facts and helping my father (What do you do with computers? Tell some amazing facts. How do you help your father? Give any example). My strength is my self-belief. (Explain it with example) I am interested in politics so I have little knowledge about it. (They may check in their own way). Now I just want to get Admission in good college like yours where I can develop my unborn required skills.)

I am not saying that you have to speak same lines but you can frame your personal pitch according to you. You must add something about education like “English has been always my favorite subject”. Anything in this way………

You are ready for an interview. All questions will be almost from your introduction.  Some other questions would be there such as:-

  1. why should we select you?
  2. Your weakness.
  3. if we reject you or select you?
  4. any incident which has personal impact on you.

many more………………….


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