5 Splendid ways to set ‘Goal’ i have learnt so far from my life.

You all are well known to my views. I generally share whatmy life has taught me so far. Today when I look in to my childhood then itsurprises me that I used to do whatever I said in childhood.  I implemented my childhood’s rules to achievemy Goals and I share first five rules with you here.

Putting these fewideas into practice can help you to achieve your goals and keep you focused

  1. Break your goals into smaller chunks 🙁 DO BCHO KE PAPA BNNE SE PHLE SHADI KRWANA JRURI H IN INDIA. Condition apply)

Most goals are abandoned because they are too big (“first day you think of being president ofU.S.A. but before this you need to be resident of USA. So first goal is to getvisa then residency.”) and vague break your goals down into smaller tasks.Choose a concrete and measurable action have a solid idea of what successfulcompletion looks like.

  1. Commit time daily:  (GIVING TIME TO GIRLFRIEND LEADS TO TARGET (MARRIAGE) he he he he 🙂 )

you don’t have to commit hours at a time to accomplish agoal, you just have to focus the greatest advances are the sum total of aseries of small efforts commit to spending at least 15 minutes a day dosomething that moves you closer to accomplishing your goal . (15 Minutes A DayCan Save Everything)

  1.  Talk to yourself: (Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (Long Distance Relationship))

Repetition is the mother of success remind yourself of yourgoals every day turn your most important goal into a one-sentence affirmation phrasedas though you have already accomplished your goal repeat regularly and itbecomes your natural way of thinking

  1.  Paint yourself into a corner:

Make yourself accountable by telling others of your plans theybecome interested in your progress and check in with you this inspires you tokeep going and overcome your obstacles it is hard not to achieve when othersare watching and encouraging us

  1.  Write your goals down: (RasgulaIn Front Of You Attract You More Likely)

ifyou write a goal down, it is more likely to come to pass you invest time andenergy writing your goals down putting goals on paper makes you more committedto the outcome and, its therapeutic to cross items off when they are completed.

Pankaj Asija

(Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Success Coach & Author)

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