Become Top Entrepreneur/Businessman

Become Top Entrepreneur/Businessman & always be on 1st position


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 Every businessman and entrepreneur wants to be on top in his own respective field.  Everyone wants to grow fast even fastest. I have done research and two year analysis on all top entrepreneurs and businessmen. I have with all great ideas which will help you to become top Entrepreneur/businessman & always be on 1st position.


Pareto Principle:  You must be well aware of Pareto Principle if not then take learning today. Pareto Principle is 20\80 principle. It is weird but only 20% of your actions bring 80% of your results. Pareto Principle implements on everything even on food. It chiefly means 20% of food you eat gives you 80% of energy to do your daily jobs. Being an entrepreneur\businessman you have to find out those 20% of your actions which bring you 80% of your results.


Find purpose of life: You must not become part of Rat Race. Mind my words “Even you win Rat Race, you will still be a rat”.  It recommends you to redesign your work after every short interval of time.  Spare time for yourself to find purpose of your life you know purpose of your life affects your wok life 92%. Most of people forget purpose of life once they come in profession and they become part of Rat-Race.


“Going slow on the right direction is much more preferred than going fast on the wrong one.”


Fall in love: You can give your 100% to something you love 100%. For instance Child can give 100% his favorite game even in peak summer but he can give 100% to his study even in fully air conditioned room. It clearly reflects loving what you are doing is most important. Thing you love you enjoy the most. Enjoying what you’re doing and having fun is probably the most important factor of being on top.  So either it’s about your job, your business, your hobbies or your relationships, find a way and make sure to enjoy every single minute of your life. For instance Steve Job once said, “ I am able to invent all new things because I enjoying inventing”.  You know he dropped college as soon as felt bored there and continued to learn what he enjoyed.

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  • Bhawna Rohilla
    Posted at 07:57h, 15 August

    True, falling in love with something we do is really very important…
    Great post but it was too short…I wish it would have been a longer one.

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