5 Tips to become Best Motivational Speaker

Learn to Be motivational Speaker

Now a day one race has started to become motivational speaker. There are more than 3 lac motivational speakers with in India but only top 100 are known. Motivational speaking or

Life coach has been become big industry in recent time. It fetches good earning as well. One training session can fetch you $1,000’s – $100,000’s.

A number of efficient tips and strategies will help you achieve this goal. Today we share these tips with you.

  1. Have Message to deliver: The greatest life coaches have something special to say. Something that is derived from personal experiences. These people are successful because they speak on the basis of personal stories. Personal stories are convincing and easy to relate to.            

If you are interested in a life coach career, you should determine the specifics that you want to get across. What does your audience want to hear and can you deliver that kind of message? Being too general or vague will simply minimize your chances of success before you have even gotten started.


  1. Know your audience: Decide what your target audience is before you start writing the motivational speeches. Each group of people will have to be approached in a specific way. If you have no idea who will be receiving your speeches, you will fail making those highly specific and relevant.
  1. Tell your story: There’s nothing wrong with telling a 3rd person story or using some case study or example. Telling stories that you lived and experienced generally makes the story better for you and the audience. For the audience, they can often times find themselves in your story. For you as the speaker, it’s much easier (and more powerful) to tell a story that you lived versus one you read in a book.

4.Attend More seminar: Learning is life time process. Motivational speakers have to learn more about their own field. Great Motivational Speakers are versatile in speaking they can speak on various topics.  Motivational Trainer hold great Responsibility so they create life changing influence on their audience.  For learning skills of Best Motivational Speakers as they are very specific group of orator. You need to attend more seminars delivered by them.

See what others are doing. Establish connections. Talk to highly professional speakers and find the right mentor who will show you the tricks of this profession. Having a mentor will help you refine your skills.

  1. Establish Credibility: Have you ever noticed that professional speakers get well-respected executives to introduce them? The reason is credibility building.  Before people will listen to you, they have to know that you are a credible resource. During my speeches, I subtly weave in stories of my work with recognizable companies in order to reinforce that credibility. Social proof is a great way of establishing yourself as an authority.

Regardless of which tips you apply, it is important to never use these (or other) concepts as manipulative techniques. If an approach is not natural for you, people will see through it and trust you even less. Authenticity is key.

Professional speakers have honed their craft to be heard by the audience. You and your business can use these same tips in any communication. By identifying these common barriers to communication, you can skillfully work around them to more effectively deliver your message.

Pankaj Asija

(Motivational Speaker, Trainer ,Success & Life Coach)   


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