ABOUT PANKAJ ASIJA: Mr. Pankaj Asija is an International Motivational Speaker, Leadership Consultant, corporate Trainer and success Coach. He is also the founder Director of PSEL institute for Personality Development in Hisar, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Pankaj Asija is endowed with penetrative mind, amazing spontaneity and clarity if thoughts. He has transformed life of thousands in his Motivational training programs. He connects with soul of listener. He has captivated thousands with his charismatic persona and unmistakable charm. His electrifying energy levels levitate the enthusiasm and engagement index of the listeners manifold.


He firmly believes that unless the person allows himself/herself to create a new mind, positive transformation is tough. Every year people from almost all walks of life including Public Sectors, Private organizations & Educational Institutions keep inviting Pankaj Asija to share his ideas on Personal & Professional Excellence. He speaks two languages: Hindi, & English. His program methodology is based on extensive reading on human behavior, interaction with people, participating in self-development programs and his own life journey as a sweeper boy to Sr. Manager, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Happiness coach and Success Coach. Pankaj Asija has written two books. (Life’s Vitamin & Interview Funda)


Mr. Pankaj Asija has been awarded as best motivational speaker. He is recognized as Youngest & most Energetic Motivational Speaker in India. He is extremely popular Motivational speaker among his audience.

He speaks to corporate and public audiences on subject like; double your business by retaining your customers, train the trainer, 10 behaviors of highly effective leaders, double your business by creating a high performance team, attitude to gratitude, management principles from Bhagavad Gita, planning and time management, power of responsibility and ownership, art of mind control, coaching and mentoring skills, selling and negotiation skills, psychometric behavior Testing, supervisory skills and development, problem solving and decision making and many more Pankaj Asija has been recognized as the most socially responsible motivational speaker in India by Faridabad Industries Association and Saidham. He has also been conferred by “Rotary Excellence Award” for his presentation on “Secrets of Success”.

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