3 Idiot Ways to Crack GD:Gds are the best way to see someone reacting in a team.  It depicts leadership, confident, communication skills, patience, and team skills in just 10 to 15 minute.  Gds are used by employers to recruit one.

Students don’t know difference between “Gds and Debates”. They just argue rather than discussion.

My entertainment and talks keep them energized. I direct them practically in fun loving way to undergo GD. Tricks I teach are highly researched and proven. I give them creative thoughts to create content. I tell how to handle even if you don’t know topic at all. For more you can visit
Pankaj’s sessions are as energetic as he is. I would love to attend his sessions in future if I get chance. His wordings are transporting enthusiasm, energy, motivation and happiness. I attended one of his session only and that brought thrill in my life. I not only cracked GD-PI for campus placement but IIM Ranchi. He is a maestro I can just say.

Rahul Tripathi
Studying at IIM Ranchi currently

  • GD’s
  • Content Creation
  • Tackling Situation
  • Body Language
  • Tackling if topic is unknown

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